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This section is dedicated to providing our community with relevant information about support for anyone affected by COVID-19.


We have gathered contact details below, along with guidelines in dealing with this pandemic.

Useful Contact Details
Please see below some useful contacts for businesses and individuals 

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NHS Helpline

0800 028 2816

A free helpline can give advice if you do not have symptoms, but are looking for general advice- and you can also review symptoms via NHS Inform.

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If you run a business you can get advice by calling the helpline above.  It is open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm. Select option 1 to speak to the COVID-19 team. You also view the website for more information.


Highland Council

0300 303 1362

This will connect callers to relevant specialist teams and will operate Monday to Friday from 8am-6pm. You also view the website for more information.


If you are looking for information regarding support during this global epidemic, we have gathered various links to assist our community through the array of information. Below are links to various on how to deal with COVID-19, and what support is available for those in need:

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COVID-19 Support: Programs

Coronavirus (COVID-19):

Guidelines from the UK Government what you need to do

Community Trust Fund

The Tain & District Development Trust set up a programme to provide grants of up to £500 for small initiatives in the education; conservation and community service and support sectors in the Easter Ross Peninsula (Ward 7) area.

A welcome partner was Glenmorangie Distillery who committed financial support to the grant program.  

Current Funding Closed 

Community Fund Has Helped: 

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Looking for Funding?

Discover some of the programs and initiatives to help support your organisation through this challenging period:

Wellbeing Fund

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COVID-19 Support: About

£48m was provided for a "Wellbeing Fund" to provide support to the third sector partners in the main – but others also – who will require additional capacity to deal with, [for example self-isolation, distancing, vulnerability, fuel poverty, or those at risk of or experiencing homelessness].

Supporting Communities Fund

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A £40 million Supporting Communities Fund will be used to support the rapidly growing and inspiring community efforts at a local level which will be vital to national resilience, including supporting people at risk because of age, isolation, carers, homeless people and asylum seekers and signposting people to sources of help such as applying for benefits

Third Sector Resilience Fund

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This will support organisations across the third sector who are at risk of closure due to a sharp decrease in income or that are unable to deliver their services during this difficult period. The Fund will support registered charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises that already deliver vital services in communities but that find themselves in financial difficulties directly as a result of the pandemic.

Supporting Community Resilience

Image by CDC

This fund available to support community resilience efforts related to COVID-19, in which a group has identified an opportunity to offer an essential service to vulnerable people. This is open to all groups within a local area – both constituted and non-constituted.

For more information or assistance, get in touch with our team by clicking the button below:

COVID-19 Support: Programs
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