COVID-19 Resilience

Many organisations are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic- so we have a dedicated section to provide you with useful contact numbers and information. Our Community Trust Fund is still accepting applications- and you can apply to get upto £500 towards your COVID-19 resilience efforts- check your eligibility criteria here and apply by clicking below:


Community Impact

We have put together our impact summary during COVID-19 & you can find details of our communal involvement here:

Supported 281 local businesses

By coordinating with organisations, this will look to improve the region as place to live and work- creating a sustainable environment for the community to prosper.

Assisted 37 community groups

Investing in local community groups provides to positive effect across the region- and to positively affect a wide range of residents from different backgrounds.

Over 95 volunteers contributing over 4000 hours of time

Our volunteers play an active role in the community. Whether it’s delivering meals to vulnerable or delivering flyers- they contribute to positive social change within our ward.

If you would like to speak to our team regarding any enquiries you have click here to speak to a member of the Tain and District Development Trust. If you want to find more, click below: 


Supporting Our Community

Who We've Assisted



News and Updates

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Next Community Market

July 31st 2020

After much consultation- the Community Market's are back on! Starting on Saturday 15th August Rose Gardens, Tain, IV19 1AE from 10am until 2pm

Empowering Our Community

There are some fantastic examples out there of what can be achieved within a community when individuals, groups and businesses work together. Our District is no exception to this and as your community facilitator, we are making it our mission to empower, connect and involve local people in the creation of new opportunities that will lead us to long-lasting and meaningful change within Tain & District.


What We Do

Our goal is to improve the social, economic and environmental welfare of this community. Whether it is through training, new project development, or building lasting relationships- our vision is focused on creating a sustainable future. You can find out more about what we do and how you can get involved below:

About Us

Tain & District Development Trust was established in 2017 following a community-wide consultation that highlighted a desire from local people for a grass-roots approach towards making our community a better place to live, work and play. You can discover more about our story and organisation within the "About Us" section.


Get Involved

We are a community-led organisation and without our community members we would fail to exist. All of our projects derive from community demand and flourish with community involvement. Our community asked for a grass-roots approach to developing our area and to do this we NEED your support.


Contact Us

18 - 20 Stafford Street, Tain, IV19 1AZ

01862 857185



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01862 857185


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