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Tourism Destination 
Easter Ross Peninsula 

In preserving our ancestral heritage and promotion, tourism is a vital part of the sustainability of all our communities.

Our focus is centred around collaborating with local organisations, people and groups to develop initiatives to strengthen the promotion of our area. These included us creating a new marketing brand and website to direct tourists to our area and identifying key areas of interest to visitors.


By bringing everyone together - we are helping to build a legacy for our communities.


New website:  Visit Easter Ross Peninsula 


Background on this  
Unique Tourist Destination 

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Starting back in 2018 we consulted with our communities and it was decided then that a priority for our district was to increase footfall and tourism for social, economic and environmental growth.

After research, development and discussion over the next few years, with our Tourism Steering Group, which includes representatives from all villages of the District, and support from Zero, The Glenmorangie Company's creative marketing agency - it was decided that our area needed a name, an overarching brand directing visitors to us. 

Together we also identified three key themes which help make our area unique:

PILGRIMAGE - Since medieval times, Pilgrims and Kings made their way north to our area. Today you can journey around the district and see Pictish Stones, Churches, Maitland Architecture, enjoy local food and drink and meet our local people.

SANCTUARY - Both Portmahomack and the area around Tain have been places of sanctuary from the 11th century, today you can find comfort in arts, cultural experience and our amazing scenery.

COAST - Our peninsula covers three firths and offers award-winning beaches. Get touch with nature by exploring our land and sea.

A New Destination in the Highlands of Scotland

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A haven for explorers

We coordinated with community representatives, who have an interest in tourism, from across the district, to look at our heritage, culture, story and values to help us create a unique brand DNA, an identity to strengthen and promote our whole area as a unique tourist destination.  

The Glenmorangie Company's creative marketing agency, Zero Design, offered their services, in-kind, and helped us shape and create a unique identity, which you voted on, for us to direct tourists to the peninsula. 

Fiona Scott, The Mill at Fearn Farm

"This project will help to put the Easter Ross Peninsula on the tourism map and promote this wonderful area with branding and marketing strategies.

It will help in the long term to improve accessibility and infrastructure." 

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