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Fundraising Opportunities
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Our Impact

As your community facilitator, we are making it our mission to empower, connect and involve local people in the creation of new opportunities that will lead us to long-lasting and meaningful change within Tain & District.

Our Community Impact



Since we formed in 2017- we have raised over £450k and are currently engaged in 7 Community Projects


Community Hub

Opened up the Tain Community Enterprise Hub in 2019- with paid staff to help serve our community.



Connecting with businesses, groups & communities to develop our district.

COVID-19 Community Impact

This section is dedicated to providing our community with relevant information about support for anyone affected by COVID-19.


Supported 281 local businesses

Assisted 37 community groups


Over 95 volunteers contributing over 4000 hours of time

Developed community website called LoveLocal to help support local businesses during COVID-19 & beyond


Our Research

Our team have invested time into collating insights and research within our community. This enables us to proactively understand local issues, and to identify opportunities for growth. You can find out more below:

Image by Alejandro Escamilla

Training & Development

By coordinating with organisations, this will look to improve the region as place to live and work- creating a sustainable environment for the community to prosper.

Image by Zachary Nelson

Youth Engagement

Investing in local community groups provides to positive effect across the region- and to positively affect a wide range of residents from different backgrounds.

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