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Keep Calm: Change Is Coming

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

News travelled fast of the Scottish Governments easing of the lock-down measures. These have certainly been welcomed in the business community- and the lifting of travel restrictions will kick-start the local tourism industry.

Easing of Lock-down: What It Means

The Scottish government has set out plans to relax more of the lockdown restrictions- as Scotland entered phase two of the route map. They include:

  • Lifting the five-mile travel limit from 3 July- which currently restricts people to travelling no more than five miles for leisure or recreation. In addition, restrictions using self-contained holiday accommodation (e.g. such as cottages, lodges and caravans) and second homes will also be lifted.

  • On Monday 6 July- pubs and restaurants will be able to open outdoor spaces.

  • From 10 July people will be allowed to meet other households indoors (a maximum of two other households indoors).

  • Non-essential shops inside shopping centres will be able to reopen on Monday 13 July.

  • Reopening hairdressers, barbers, restaurants, pubs, and holiday accommodation from 15 July.

You can read more here.

Scotland Could Be COVID-19 Free By The End of Summer

Scotland could eliminate coronavirus by the end of the summer if the decline in new cases continues, according to a public health expert. Prof Devi Sridhar, of Edinburgh University, said the country would be free of COVID-19 if the progress can be maintained. Last Friday, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon suggested that the priority had to be driving the virus towards total elimination. Read more here.

Shops Reopen As Lock-down Restrictions Ease

Shoppers queued early on Monday morning as non-essential retailers got ready to reopen their doors. Shops with on-street access and some workplaces such as factories are reopening following further easing of Scotland's lock-down. Small weddings and civil partnerships can be held outdoors and zoos can reopen, but only to local visitors. Read more here.

New Team Member

More great news from the Trust as we welcomed our newest team member- Natalie Sutherland.

With a degree in finance & entrepreneurship from the University of Strathclyde- she achieved a 1st Class award for her dissertation on Development Trusts. She has experience in supply chain at GSK, Irvine and London, book-keeping and business planning at Mackay & Co, Golspie and some work experience at the Helmsdale & District Development Trust. Natalie brings a fresh pair of eyes to the team & will be the Community Fund Manager - with a real focus on the funding landscape and helping to drive forward the Trust and its projects.

Grow Your Business

A great resource from Appsumo- where you can find tools to grow your business. You can find out more here.


A wee reminder that the Chamber of Commerce sent electronic packs including signage for businesses to ready themselves in accordance with government guidelines. Let the team know if you would like this pack sent out to yourselves.

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