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Uncover The Past

We are proud of our heritage- and across our community there are numerous ways to discover the stories of our past!

Say Hello to The Picts

According to historical documents, the Picts were tribes native to northern regions of Scotland- but little is understood or known about this ancient community.

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Clach a' Charridh


Or referred to as "Shandwick Stone"- origins are believed to date back to 780 AD.

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Cadboll Stone


A Class II Pictish stone discovered at Hilton of Cadboll.

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Nigg Stone


The 8th-century Pictish cross-stone is one of Scotland's historic artefacts.


Uncover the stories and history of our area- and find hidden gems!

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Tain Through Time


Contains a wealth resources linked to social history, ancestry, documents, and historical artefacts.

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Seaboard Centre


Also known as the Seaboard Memorial Hall, provides information and services to the public.

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Tarbat Discovery


The site of the only Pictish settlement excavated in Scotland to date.

Our Ancient Church

Our churches paint a story about how ancient settlers lived:

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Fearn Abbey


Origins in one of Scotland's oldest pre-Reformation church buildings.

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St Duthus Church


Built in the 14th century and converted by James III in 1487 to a collegiate church.

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Nigg Old Church


Records show this has been a place of Christian worship for at least 1200 years.

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Old Church


Estimated to have been built between about 200BC and 200AD.